Traveling Brazilians


With the rise of Brazilian travelers, it’s important to understand their travel habits, motivations, and impact.

This article provides a closer look at the Brazilian traveler profile, why Brazilians travel, how they plan their trips, their habits, challenges they face, and the impact of traveling Brazilians.

Additionally, this article explores how the Brazilian government is supporting travel and provides tips for foreigners traveling to Brazil.

The Brazilian Traveler Profile

Demographics of Brazilian travelers

Brazilian travelers come from diverse backgrounds, with a mix of ages, genders, and income levels.

Younger travelers between the ages of 18-34 make up 35% of all Brazilian travelers.

Average travel budget

The average budget for Brazilian travelers is $2,500, with approximately 33% spending more than $3,500 on their trips.

Popular travel destinations

Brazilian travelers have a variety of destinations they prefer. In South America, the most popular destinations are Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. In North America, the United States is a top choice, and in Europe, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are popular destinations.

Why Brazilians Travel

Cultural exploration and enrichment

Brazilians value cultural exploration and enrichment, and travel allows them to experience new places and cultures, sample different foods, and learn more about history and art.

Family vacations

Family vacations are a major reason Brazilians travel, with many choosing to travel within Brazil or to nearby countries for a fun and relaxing vacation.

Business and work-related trips

Business and work-related trips make up a significant portion of Brazilian travel, with many traveling for conferences, events, and job opportunities.

Sports tourism

Brazilians love sports, and sports tourism is a growing trend. Many Brazilian travelers plan trips around sports events, such as the Olympics, World Cup, or other major sporting events.

How Brazilians Plan Their Trips

Online research and booking vs. traditional travel agencies

Brazilian travelers are tech-savvy and prefer to research and book their trips online.

However, traditional travel agencies still play a role in booking travel for some Brazilians.

Factors that influence travel plans

Budget, time, and personal interests are the main factors that influence Brazilian travel plans.

Length of travel planning process

Brazilian travelers tend to start their travel planning process several months in advance, with 46% starting 3-6 months before their trip.

Brazilian Travel Habits

Preferred modes of transportation

Brazilians prefer to fly for long-distance travel, but for shorter trips within Brazil, they often prefer to drive.

Accommodation preferences

Hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals are all popular accommodations for Brazilian travelers. However, many are starting to embrace alternative accommodations such as camping and glamping.

Dining and nightlife trends

Brazilians enjoy trying new foods and experiencing local cuisine. Nightlife is also a major draw, with popular options including live music, clubs, and bars.

Challenges Faced by Brazilian Travelers

Visa requirements

Visa requirements can be a challenge for Brazilians traveling abroad, with some countries requiring visas before entry.

Language barriers

Language barriers can also be a challenge for Brazilian travelers, especially when traveling to countries where they do not speak the language.

Safety concerns

Safety concerns can be a deterrent for some Brazilian travelers, especially in areas known for crime or political instability.

The Impact of Traveling Brazilians

Boosting tourism in popular destinations

Traveling Brazilians have a significant impact on tourism in popular destinations, boosting the economy and supporting local businesses.

Supporting local businesses

Brazilians travelers often seek out local experiences, which supports local businesses and the economy.

Cultural exchange

Traveling Brazilians also promote cultural exchange, learning from and teaching locals about their own culture.

Environmental impact

However, tourism can also have negative effects on the environment, such as increased carbon emissions and damage to natural resources.

How the Brazilian Government is Supporting Travel

Promoting tourism domestically and abroad

The Brazilian government is actively promoting tourism domestically and abroad, with a focus on promoting lesser-known destinations and unique experiences.

Simplifying visa requirements

The Brazilian government has also simplified visa requirements for some countries, making it easier for Brazilians to travel abroad.

Investing in infrastructure

Finally, the Brazilian government is investing in infrastructure to support tourism, such as improving airports, roads, and public transportation.

Traveling Brazil as a Foreigner

Tips for visiting Brazil

Visitors to Brazil should be aware of cultural differences, language barriers, and safety concerns. It’s important to research the local culture and customs before traveling.

Language and cultural differences

Portuguese is the main language spoken in Brazil, and there are many cultural differences to be aware of, such as tipping, dress codes, and appropriate behavior in different situations.

Must-visit destinations

Brazil has many must-visit destinations, including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, the Amazon rainforest, and the beaches of the northeast coast.


As Brazilian travel continues to rise, it’s important to understand their habits and impact.

Sustainable tourism practices can help promote responsible travel and support local economies.


Do Brazilians prefer solo travel or group travel?

Brazilians tend to prefer group travel, with friends and family often traveling together.

What are the most popular destinations for Brazilian travelers?

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the United States, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are all popular destinations for Brazilian travelers.

What is the average length of a Brazilian vacation?

The average length of a Brazilian vacation is around one week.

How do Brazilians prefer to pay for travel expenses?

Brazilians often pay for travel using credit cards or installment plans.

What is the best time of year to visit Brazil?

The best time to visit Brazil depends on the region and time of year.

Generally, summer (December to March) is the best time to visit most regions, while the Amazon is best visited during the dry season (June to November).

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