Mykonos Solo travel

Mykonos Solo travelMykonos Solo travel

Mykonos a Greece island is one of the most visited destinations in Europe and is the perfect place to go for solo travel.

This article will show you all you need to know about solo traveling to Mykonos including where to stay and places to see in Mykonos during your solo travel.


How to get to Mykonos Island

You can get to Mykonos by taking flights that lead to Athens or Thessaloniki and then take another flight to Mykonos International airport.


Where to stay in Mykonos during your solo travel

The places you will be staying in Mykonos will de dependent on whether you will be renting a car or not

Mykonos Town and Chora are the best places to if you are not planning to rent a car as there is easy access to public transport.

Psarou beach, Ornos Island and Platys Gialos are the best places to stay if you would he renting a car as these places have lots of adventures, luxury and quietness but little or no access to public transport.


What to pack for Mykonos Solo travel

The type of clothes you should pack for a trip to Mykonos solely depends on the season of the year.

If you are traveling to Mykonos during summer, you should pack light clothes and shoes.

If you are traveling during the winter season, you should pack jackets, sneakers and other clothing that will prevent you from catching a cold.

It is also advisable to pack light jackets during summer because of breezes coming from the sea at night.

A list of other things you need to pack for your Mykonos Solo travel

1. Waterproof phone bag

2. Your driver’s license (If you will be renting a car)

3. Mosquito repellent

4. Some painkiller drugs

5. Cash of course

6. A camera

7. Travel beach blankets

8. Swimsuits and bikinis

9. Waterproof sandals

10. Sunglasses


Is there a quiet part of Mykonos

Some solo travelers like to enjoy luxury in quietness.

Some of the places a solo traveler can go to enjoy luxury peace and tranquility are









Is Mykonos safe for solo female travelers

Mykonos a top destination in the world for solo female travelers is a very safe Island for solo female travelers with lots of unforgettable experiences for solo female travelers.


How many days in Mykonos is enough for an unforgettable experience

5-7 days in Mykonos is enough time to explore the Island, visit significant places and also visit the numerous beaches in the Island


How much should I take to Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in Greece if not Europe and so has very high costs.

A solo traveler should have up to $2000 for running costs on a one-week holiday to Mykonos Island.


Places to see and things to in Mykonos

Mykonos Island is one the most famous Greek Islands with lots of adventurous things to do.

The best places to visit in Mykonos for memorable experiences are:

Ano Mera

Island of Delos

Matoyianni street

Little Venice Mykonos quarter

Panagia paraportiani

Kato Mili

Elia Beach

Platys Gialos Beach

Rarity Gallery

Paradise Beach

Mykonos windmills

Lia beach

Agrari Beach

Mykonos brewing company.

We hope this article covers all you need yo know about planning your solo travel to Mykonos.

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