How long are travel nurse assignment

How long are travel nurse assignmentsHow long are travel nurse assignments


Travel nursing is one of the most appealing careers for nurses as it comes with adventures and fun as you travel.

The fun is typically when the nurses travel often but how often do they travel.

How long are travel nurse assignments? The standard contract duration in the US is 13 weeks though some contracts lasts from 2 – 26 weeks.


What is the shortest travel nurse contract

There are very short term travel nurse contracts.

They vary from two to six weeks.

In a situation where the hospital has an official that is sick or on a break, the travel nurse might just be working for a short period of time.


Travel nurse One-year Limit Rule

A travel nurse can extend the same travel assignment repeatedly but it must not exceed a year.

Once it clocks 365 days from your first contracted day, you must the assignment and location generally.

This is because you will be deemed taxable by the government as you are now considered a permanent nurse by the IRS( Internal Revenue Services).


How often do you move as a travel nurse

Using the standard 13-week contract term, you are expected to move about four times a year, that is if you work regularly.

This varies as some nurses serve longer assignments and some serve very short assignments.


How much do traveling nurses make

Travel nurses earn well over $100,000 annually thought it varies from place to place.

Travel nurses that are just starting out earn $78,000 which increases as they gain more experience in the field.

Another exciting aspect of this career is that the accomodations of the nurse is taken care of by the agency that employs their services.

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The best locations for a long term contract

If you are looking towards spending a long time in a particular assignment, you might as well choose the best locations.

Some of the best locations are:



New York City


Las Vegas






Los Angeles

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