Hot Chili Food and Travel blog

Hot Chili Food and Travel blog- all you need to knowHot Chili Food and Travel blog-all you need to know

Tourist traveling would not be really complete without discovery of new foods by the traveler especially hot chili food.

Food and travel are two things that go together.

Hot chilli food is one of the most sought after foods by travelers.

Tasting new hot and spicy dishes is all part of the fun as you travel.

The top places in the world to eat hot chilli food

A lot of people travel to certain places just to taste the foods served there, so why not, if you can.

The top countries in the world that serve hot spicy foods are:

ThailandThe top places in the world to eat hot Chili Food

You know that pleasure you feel, when your face reddens after tasting very good hot spicy food, that’s exactly the feeling you get after eating hot chilli in Thailand.

Thailand serves you the best when it comes to hot spicy foods.

The country is the best in the world for serving spicy foods most popular destination for hot spicy food lovers.

MexicoThe top places in the world to eat hot Chili Food

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the countries that prepare the spiciest dishes in the world.

In Mexico, you will have assumptous meal made with Habeneso, Pabwan, Serrano, Jalapeno and Anchor and again you will feel your temperature rise a bit out of beautiful burning pleasures in your cheeks.

MalaysiaThe top places in the world to eat hot Chili Food

You want to know what spiciness is? Try Otak, Malaysia’s most spiciest dish which contains different blends of chilies.

Moreover, Malaysia’s hot chily food are a combination of India, China, Korea and Thailand recipes of chilies.

Sure that giving you chills now right?.

IndiaHot chili food and travel blog

India cuisines are cuisines you ought to taste, the blend of red curry, garlic, pepper, cardamom, coriander and a mixture of chilies.

It isn’t what a hot chili food lover would want to miss.

Most parts of the country use red and green chilies to enhance the flavour of the cuisines.

Here’s India most spiciest dish you should try out “Goa pork vindaloo”.This cuisine contains ginger, garlic, pepper, vinegar, cinnamon, cloves and kashmiri chilies.

Sri LankaHot chili food and travel blog

Sri Lanka is one of the countries in the world that serve really spicy food.

They have so many varieties of flavours of chilies.

Their most famous spicy dish is the Spicy Coconut Sambol, this food is very spicy with chilies like, chili paste and lime juice,green chilies.

This food is served in hotels like Saltwater hotel Sri Lanka.

Hot Chili Food and Travel blog

Hot chili food and travel blog is a blog that documents people’s journey of food as they travel keeps you up to date with new recipes of hot chili food all around the globe.

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