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You’ve probably been looking for a blog that will give you travel, fashion, food, mom’s life and lifestyle all in one dish.

Well search no more we have just the perfect one for you “Divine Lifestyle blog”.

This blog is run and managed by Hollie a mother of two beautiful kids.

Are you that mom who’s been finding it hard to adjust to motherhood and still keep up with your everyday life this one’s for you.

All you need to know about Divine travel lifestyle blog

Hollie the mastermind behind divine lifestyle travel blog started her blog in 2015.

She has been documenting her life since then
From her food to fashion to beauty to motherhood and its hassles to lifestyle to travel

FoodDivine Lifestyle Travel Food Lifestyle Mom Blogger

Are you that mom that wants to do away with unhealthy diets and fast foods keep reading.

Hollie shares healthy nutritious, easy to replicate meal recipes

She wants to help young moms do away with fast foods and yet enjoy good food at home.

Divine lifestyle has a team of expert health nutritionists.

So I assure you whatever recipe you see out there on her blog has been proven healthy by her team of health experts.

She also shares new recipes she discovers from traveling.

Follow her blog to get unlimited recipes that you can easily implement.

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FashionFashion lifestyle

This blog also shares fashion tips and hacks that you would

You don’t have to rob a bank to look good

Hollie will give you very affordable fashion hacks you can start implementing right away.

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BeautyBeauty and lifestyle

Where are my beauty freaks at??

This wonderful blogs also shares easy beauty hacks for day to day life and the best part is you can do it yourself.


Hollie is a mother of two and has experienced all about all the problems of raising children both the hassles and everything that has to do with motherhood

If you are having problem getting adjusted to this life as a mother or need advice then divine lifestyle blog is the resource for you.

She will share with you tips and tricks that will make your motherhood journey a smooth one.


Divine lifestyle as the name implies is also a lifestyle blog that shares experiences about the day to day life of ladies

She also shares life tips and hacks that will make your life a living success and also living a healthy lifestyle.

She also has articles on how to make money even from the comfort of your home
Sounds sweet right?

Follow her blog to get more articles like these.

TravelLifestyle travel

Now here’s to the sweetest part: Traveling

Hollie is a traveler and has been so keen about bringing travel to the doorsteps of her audience.

She documents every one of her travel experience for her readers to consume.

She has articles on places to travel during different seasons of the year and so on.

She also has amazing travel guides that will help you while you are traveling.

Hollie also has a store on her blog on which she gives free shipping if you order products worth over $150.

Divine Travel Lifestyle official website

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