Best places to live in France

Best places to live in France

Best places to live in France

You are probably here because you are about to move to France and you are having problems choosing the best place right?

No problem because we want the very best for you and have reviewed every city in France and came up with the best places to live in France.


Read along and choose the right location for you.


Best places to live in France at an affordable rate

You are probably traveling to France on a budget well that’s okay.

We have the most affordable places to live in France for you.


A city in Southern France,  Montpellier is famous for its wines, known for its culture, good infrastructures and amenities. So much for one of the cheapest cities in to live in France.

Montpellier has also been identified as one of the most attractive real estate markets in France.

This city will serve better to young people looking for a not-so-overwhelming and expensive city to love in.

According to, a single person’s estimated monthly costs are $810 without rent.


Is a city in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of South-eastern France, it is known as the home of a series of laboratories in both the public and private sectors.

It was discovered that researches concerning technological inventions takes place in Grenoble.

Grenoble is the second largest English speaking community.

So if you are an English lover of sciences and technological researches, you might as well consider settling down in Grenoble.

According to, a single person’s estimated costs of living monthly in Grenoble are $854 without rent.


A city on the Loire river in the upper Brittany region of Western France, Nantes is an interesting city full of landmarks like castles.

It is known for its vineyard that produce white wine.

Nantes has been considered a very safe  city with cheap cost of living when compared to major cities of France and Europe.

According to, a single person’s estimated costs of living in Nantes monthly are $875 without rent.


Is the capital city of the French department of Indre, Central France.

Châteauroux is famous for its beautiful architectural work.

So, you love architecture? Then Châteauroux is for you.

Châteauroux hosts the Darc festival every August.

It is a very old town with good old buildings and is considered one of the cheapest cities in France and Europe.

According to, a single person’s estimated costs of living in Châteauroux monthly are $799 without rent.


A department in South-West France that is known for its prehistoric cave paintings and its love for food and drink.

Dorodogne has one of the best markets in France.

Its traditional markets are breathtaking with almost everything you need in the world.

It has markets strategized in every district that makes it easy for its residents to frequent the market when the need arises without stress.

Dorodogne is one of the cheapest yet most beautiful places to live in France

According to, a single person’s estimated costs of living in Dorodogne monthly are $805 without rent.


Best places to live in France for Brits



The city of love and light, the capital of France is located in the North-central France in western Europe.

Paris is known for its chic fashion and is also known to have the top cuisines in the world.

The landmarks of Paris are one of the few recognized landmarks in the world.

Paris also has overflowing cultural attractions and is the biggest city in France with English speakers.

Over 20,000 Brits are known to reside in Paris.

However, Paris is one of the most expensive cities to live in France.


The capital city in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is known for its historical and architectural landmarks is also considered as one of the best places to live in France

For Brits who are overly worried about their safety, then Lyon is the city for you as it has a highly effective police force working towards the safety of its residents.

Over 12,500 Brits reside in Lyon.


Best places to live in France for expats

There are over 5 million expats living in France.

Finding the perfect location to reside in France could be a little bit of a problem.

So we have listed the best places to live in France for expats



Most expats looking forward to living in France end up in Brittany because Brittany has warm climate and very spectacular coastline.

Brittany is also known to have many job opportunities so expats on the lookout for a job will easily get a job in Brittany


The French city known for its fantastic wine production is one of the top picks of expats migrating to France with so many job opportunities and a friendly environment that is very easy to adjust to.


Safest cities to live in France


Is the safest city in France to live in with a crime rate if 20/100.

Besides being the safest city in France, Rodez is a very attractive city to live in.


One of the top cities in France that has preserves it’s heritage and boasts of magnificent buildings is considered the second safest city in France with a crime rate of 22.73/100.

Now we have covered the best places to live in France, we decided to add some extra things you will need to know when moving to France.


How much income do I need to live in France

A single person would need about $1428 monthly to live in France.

This amount also covers housing expenses.


What do I need to live in France permanently

You will have to live in France for five years without leaving the country before you can apply for a PR)Permanent Residency)

How hard is it to move to France

Moving to France for Eu and Us residents is easy but it can be pretty hard to move to France from other countries.

What are the pros and cons of living in France


– Excellent healthcare services

– Affordable cost of living in some parts of France

– Awesome food and wine

– Offers the best educational experience

– A very friendly environment

– High quality of life



– Renewal of visas are hard and stressful

– Scarce jobs in some parts of France

– Very high outrageous taxes

– Always embarks on strikes.

However, France is still the best country to live in the world as it has been voted by International Living Magazine as the best for five years consecutively.

I decided to write this article on”best places to live in France” because I get questions like this a lot from people migrating.

We hope this article was helpful?

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